How would you like to help the Yonkofa Project?

Donate to Yonkofa

The Yonkofa Project was established to support the work of Ghana’s medical professionals, giving them a safe place to provide care and providing much needed medical supplies. Your donation helps Yonkofa team members build locally-driven, sustainable healthcare–-the foundation for resilient communities. 

Giving at Work -Corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers will match donations made by employees to charitable organizations. Check with your personnel office to see whether your company has a matching gift program. If it does, your gift could have twice or three times the impact!

A Recurring Gift -The Friendship Society

Friendship Society members show their dedication to our life-saving work by committing to a recurring donation plan. It is easy to set up, automatic once established, and can be modified at any time.  It is convenient both for Friendship members and for Yonkofa, helping us plan while reducing costs.  Would a pledge of $15 or $20 per month fit in your budget? It can make an enormous difference for health care delivery in Western Ghana. 

Donate Medical Supplies or Equipment

Donations of appropriate medical supplies and equipment are appreciated both at Yonkofa Clinics and at Enchi Government Hospital. We carefully evaluate all donations to ensure that we send only appropriate supplies and good quality, useful medical equipment. If you have medical equipment or supplies, we'd like to talk to you. Please contact us by email at: info@yonkofa.org. We will ask about condition of the equipment and the cost to ship to Western Ghana.

A Gift in Memory or Tribute

A gift to Yonkofa is a thoughtful way to  honor and thank someone who has made a difference in your life.  When you give in memory or tribute, we send a card to the person you specify, letting them know about your gift and how it will impact those who turn to the Yonkofa Clinics.

The Kordjour Clinic Building Campaign

The village of Kordjour is in desperate need of a new clinic. You can help us build by contributing to the walls, floors, electrical….any way you wish to help is welcome. Would your office, team, or friends like to join our building crew?  Contact us at info@yonkofa.org


A gift to Yonkofa for mother and child care was the best way to thank my own mom on mothers day.
— Melanie Chandler