April 2, 2014:  WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!!!

In 2010, a group of medical volunteers travelling on a short term mission to Ghana, decided to change their focus.  They were determined to prevent much of the tremendous burden to the people they had come to serve.  The villagers needed permanent access to health care, in order to prevent diseases, or treat them before they became debilitating.


This commitment became The Yonkofa Project.  Ghana trains wonderful health care professionals, but the lack of infrastructure means these people have no way to serve in the remote areas; simply put, there are virtually no clinics in the rural areas.

We chose a prefabricated design because it was affordable, well insulated, energy efficient, conformed to modern building codes, and quick to erect.   We needed two buildings; one for the health care providers to live in, and one for the clinic.  We chose the village of Yiwabra and erected the first building (the residence) and then worked on fundraising for the second building, (the clinic itself).  We also put in a well and installed septic tanks. We shipped and erected the exterior walls of the clinic in 2013, but we needed to purchase the rest of the building . . . .

AND . . . .WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!!! We have raised enough funds to have the remainder of the clinic building manufactured.  It will be ready to ship the end the March, this year!!! Once it arrives in Ghana, it will go up quickly, since it is a prefabricated design and the villagers are experts after putting up Building 1.  Please consider donating at this time, we need about $7,500 to purchase the last of the building materials both in the U.S. and in Ghana.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you so being a supporter of a cause that is far from our homes but so close to our hearts.


Gabriella Nanci, MD

President, The Yonkofa Project