The Yonkofa Project depends on you

As a friend of Yonkofa, you may wish to help with urgent needs and healthcare delivery challenges.  Or you may wish to support an on-going project, one inspires you and holds special meaning in your life. In what ever way you choose to give, your tax deductible donation is also giving hope, health, and brighter future to those in need.

Urgent Needs-updated regularly

PET personal transporter can dramatically improve the quality of life for polio victims.  The transporters are given to Yonkofa but we must pay for shipping and assembly at a cost of $150 each. We have requests for ten additional transporters.

Ophthalmic slit lamps are used to diagnose eye diseases or injury.  There are currently no working lamps available either at the Yonkofa clinic or Enchi District Hospital. We urgently need several lamps, used or new. If you can donate a used but working lamp or cover the cost of purchase or shipping, please let us know. The cost of one lamp can start at $800.

PhaaseID electronic medical records system has already dramatically improved the quality of care in Western Ghana. We have many requests for additional sets, far more requests than can be accommodated. Each PhaaseID cost $1,000, plus the cost of training.  Donations that cover even a portion of the costs are deeply appreciated.

Let us know if you can give us your:

  • frequent flyers miles
  • old, but working smart phones
Send us a message --we'll be in touch *
Send us a message --we'll be in touch