Travel To Ghana with Yonkofa

Accra - Cape Coast - Kumasi - Mole - Larabanga

13 Days/11 Nights, July 2017, approximate cost $5,000

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Program Outline

  • Day 1 -Leave USA, use direct flight to Accra
  • Day 2 -Arrive in Accra
  • Day 3 -Sight seeing in Accra
  • Day 4 -Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, Sekondi Takoradi 
  • Day 5 -Drive to Enchi, Western Ghana, visit Nzulezu Village
  • Day 6 -Visit Yonkofa Project Clinic, District Hospital, Lunch with Dr. Frank
  • Day 7 -Drive to Kumasi, visit Owusu Hospital, lunch with George Owusu
  • Day 8 -Tour Kumasi and nearby villages, Kintampo
  • Day 9 -Kumasi, visit college of Health, drive to Mole National Park
  • Day 10 -Tour Mole National Park, Mognori  Village
  • Day 11 -Damongo-Larabanga-Tamale, late flight to Accra
  • Day 12 -Meeting in Accra may include TV station&  visit to the Maternal Health Care channel, US Embassy, others pending


  • tour of the administrative and economic districts of Ghana’s city capital
  •  visit the W. E. B. Dubois Centre for Pan African Culture, where Dr. Dubois (an academic and civil rights champion) spent two years working on a Pan-African encyclopedia under the invitation Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first President)
  •  make stops at Independence/Black Star Square and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park,  created to commemorate Ghana's founding father
  • visit the historic Denkyira Kingdom to Kakum National Park, one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rain forests
  • tour the infamous forts, castles, and slave dungeons of Ghana
  •  drive the scenic route to Nzulezu a unique village built on entirely on stilts over an open lake fed by two rivers; learn about the oral tradition of the village founding in 1250 when villagers were led to this secure place by a snail
  • visit Yonkofa Project clinic, the district Hospital, and meet Yonkofa's local team, including Dr. Frank, Okutu Ofusu, 
  • walk through a rubber plantation, ride on the lake in a local dugout canoe (life jackets are provided) through areas of marsh and open pools fringed with palm thickets and opens out into the vast expanse of the lake; birds are often seen emerging from the reeds or sitting on the low hanging branches of the surrounding jungle. Upon arrival in the village, interact with the locals and explore the adjacent area
  • scenic drive to Kumasi;  visit the College of Health & Well Being whose mission is to train well motivated knowledgeable and skillful health professionals who are capable of providing quality services to all people in all settings especially in remote and under- served communities; 
  • trek through the Mole National Park to view West Africa’s big game: elephants, antelopes, waterbucks, warthog’s baboons, monkeys, and more
  • visit the Mognori Eco Village, located 15 km from the main entrance of Mole National Park; tour the village,  see how the villagers organize their households, process shea butter, and prepare their staple food
  • drive to the ancient villages of Damongo and Larabanga,  traditional rural communities; see the historic mosque and mystic stone situated in Larabanga 
  • in Accra, we'll visit the Manhyia Palace Museum, the National Cultural Centre, and the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum; possible meeting at US embassy or local TV station; we will shop at the studios of traditional brass makers, potters and batik makers, with half day free to relax and reflect on the tour  

 Welcome to our country!

Welcome to our country!

 Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle

While in Enchi, we'll learn about the Yonkofa Project, visiting the clinics and the District Hospital. Dr. Gabriella Nanci and Dr. Deborah Martin first travelled together to Ghana on a short term medical mission in 2010. They found the rural villagers put so much love and care into their sick family members, but many of their conditions would have been prevented with basic access to medicine and preventive care. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Nanci returned to Ghana, and working with local villages, conceived a project to bring sustainable healthcare to the remote areas of this struggling country. A U.S. non-profit was formed, and "Yonkofa," which means “friendship” in the local Twi language, was chosen as the name. 

The Yonkofa Project supports the work of Ghanian medical professionals, giving them a safe place to provide care and shipping much needed medical supplies. Yonkofa builds sustainable healthcare and resilient communities, the foundation for independence and economic prosperity. 

The Yonkofa Project is not simply a philanthropic effort by American doctors. It is a growing collaboration that includes physicians, local residents, Ghana’s Ministry of Health, the University of Ghana and more. 

For more information, a complete itinerary, or to reserve your space on this trip please contact Linda Wuest at