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Building Healthy and Resilient Communities

Imagine what life would be like with no access to healthcare, no hospital or doctors in your community, nowhere to turn when illness or injury strikes you or a loved one.  This is a reality for the inhabitants of rural Ghana where children and adults die of pandemic disease and disabling conditions that are both treatable and preventable.

Building clinics in the rural areas of Ghana and staffing them with full-time, local healthcare providers is the only real solution to the medical care needs of this region. The Yonkofa Project supports the work of Ghanaian medical professionals, giving them a safe place to provide care and shipping much needed medical supplies. Yonkofa builds sustainable healthcare and resilient communities, the foundation for independence and economic prosperity.

What is The Yonkofa Project?


The Yonkofa Project clinics are built by the community, on land donated by the people. They provide employment and permanent housing for local health care providers, giving them the opportunity to serve in their own villages and their country.  

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Yonkofa Clinics provide continuing professional development for all medical staff. We offer training on new equipment, clinical refresher courses, and epidemiological updates--all vital elements of improving healthcare delivery. 

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Accurate identification of patients and the ability to access past medical records is essential for proper care. Without it, time is wasted, doctors are at a disadvantage, and care is compromised. The Yonkofa solution to this challenge can be a model for the developing world.