How We Work - The Yonkofa Model

The Yonkofa Project builds medical clinics in the most remote areas of Western Ghana and supports them by supplying much needed medicines and appropriate supplies. Working in partnership with local medical professionals, as well as regional and national leaders, Yonkofa team members enhance their capacity to deliver quality medical care. 


Yonkofa amplifies the work of Ghana's medical professionals

Ghana trains many medical professionals each year who initially want to return to their villages and serve their communities.  But the lack of clean water, electricity, or appropriate medicine is discouraging. Unable to use the skills they work hard to achieve,  defeated by conditions which prevent them from making the difference they hoped to make, they often leave for Europe or America.  

If there was a safe place to deliver a baby, clean a wound, or treat a patient, if they had routine medicines and prenatal vitamins, many would stay.  This is at the heart of the Yonkofa Project's work:  building clinics in rural villages,  staffed by locals and assisted by Yonkofa, adds local jobs, improves trust for healthcare providers, and promotes a sustainable healthcare system. You can help by sponsoring professional development for medical staff or giving them the tools they need for work each day: stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc.


We establish positive relationships with regional and national leaders

As the head of the government hospital at Enchi, Western Ghana, and the only surgeon for miles around, Dr. Frank is  Thanks to the strong partnership between Dr. Nanci and Dr. Frank


Yonkofa is a strong local partner for visiting  medical teams

The Yonkofa Clinics can enhance the work of medical missions by offering space, an EMR system, and local knowledge.  Your work becomes so much more than a short term visit; it becomes a legacy of sustainable care and ongoing friendship with the people of Ghana.

Find out how your non-profit, school, church, or association can work with the Yonkofa Project Clinics for greater impact.